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HCL For Parents

Our Meals

We proudly provide quality meals to children using fresh ingredients that are ethically sourced.

We’re passionate about providing the best lunch for children to help them learn and grow. Our primary and secondary school meals are bursting with tasty, healthy ingredients to help your child really enjoy lunchtime.

Our dedicated teams work hard everyday to:


  • Encourage your children to try different foods.

  • Create chances to socialise during lunchtime.

  • Provide peace of mind for you, knowing your child is eating well and making healthy choices.

  • Include a variety of fresh fruits and veggies.

  • Save you time – no more daily packed lunch hassle!


We develop our menus with our in-house Registered Nutritionists in line with government standards. Our primary school menus are also Food for Life accredited (Silver).


Our kitchen staff are highly trained to make sure lunch times are consistent in quality and meals are delivered to to high safety standards.

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Our Meals

"We believe that every child should have access to healthy, nourishing meals that give them the foundations to grow, learn and achieve their potential"

Allergy management in: