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Celebrating Excellence: Helena Brown Wins the LACA Apprentice Award

At HCL, our commitment to fostering talent and promoting excellence within our workforce is not just a nice idea; it's a way of life. We understand the crucial role that well-trained and skilled individuals play in the success of our industry and that’s why we take immense pride in delivering comprehensive training programs and apprenticeships aimed at honing the capabilities and knowledge of our team.

Recently, we had the pleasure of celebrating the remarkable achievement of Helena Brown, fondly known as Ellie, who secured the prestigious LACA Apprentice Award. As an experienced education caterer, this recognition stands as a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch training and growth opportunities within our team.

Ellie began her journey with HCL in 2017, embracing the apprenticeship qualification from the start. Her commitment to on-the-job learning and openness to mentorship from our Training Team set her apart. Ellie's rapid acquisition of knowledge and her reliability as a team member were commendable, seamlessly integrating her newfound skills into her daily tasks. The impact of Ellie's dedication resonated within the school environment, where she not only applied her knowledge effectively but also built a solid professional rapport, ensuring a high standard of service and an excellent working relationship. Her achievement is not just a personal triumph; it reflects our internal commitment to providing a platform for employees to flourish and excel in their careers.

Ellie holding her LACA apprentice award

Ellie's recognition fills us with immense pride and serves as motivation to continue delivering exceptional training and support to our staff. It reaffirms our belief in investing in our team's growth, ultimately benefiting the service we provide to the schools we work with. We celebrate her accomplishment and eagerly anticipate more such achievements from our team members in the future.

Despite facing challenges during the Covid pandemic, Ellie completed her Level 2 Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship with a Pass grade over 18 months. Her role as an Assistant Cook in a new contract at Aylesbury Vale Academy showcased her dedication. During the pandemic, she faced health challenges, discovering she had developed epilepsy but despite these pressures, she continued to work with HCL's support, passing her apprenticeship with flying colours. Now serving as a successful Cook Manager at Green Ridge Academy, Ellie's exemplary work ethic and continuous support for her team have made her a valued member of staff. Her success extends beyond her personal apprenticeship journey. In March 2023, Green Ridge Academy's kitchen, under Ellie's management, received an outstanding Environmental Health Report, earning a maximum 5-star food rating.

Our focus remains on providing the highest quality of training and opportunities for our team to thrive and contribute their best to the education catering industry. Her dedication to encouraging customers to enjoy nutritious foods and nurturing new pupils reflects the success of our training programs.

LACA: The school food people. awards

Congratulations, Helena Brown, on this well-deserved accolade. Ellie's journey is a testament to the success of our approach to training and development, and we are honoured to have her as part of the HCL family.


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