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Our Mission

picture of Ian Hamilton
“Since joining HCL in 2014, I have had the privilege of working alongside a dedicated team of colleagues who demonstrate calibre, expertise and professionalism on a daily basis. At HCL, we pride ourselves on caring about our customers, and our values are at the heart of everything we do.
We’re passionate about the role we play in ensuring children can access healthy, nourishing meals that enable them to achieve their full potential. In a fast-developing market, we embrace the challenge of developing and delivering innovative solutions. We work in partnership with children, young people, parents, schools, and local suppliers to make sure that our clients and customers feel valued and supported, and that their objectives are exceeded.” 

- Ian Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer

Ian Hamilton,

Chief Executive Officer

We believe that every child should have access to healthy, nourishing meals that give them the foundations to grow, learn and achieve their potential. 


We work in partnership with children, young people, parents, schools and local suppliers. We make sure everyone feels valued and can add value.


We prepare quality meals for everyone to enjoy at lunchtime, that are served by our friendly and expert teams.

Our Values

picture of HCL catering staff

We make our customers’ everyday experience our priority.

"We care about our customers"

picture of student eating school meal

We are committed to quality and take pride in everything that we do.

"We deliver something special"

We create tasty, nutritious food that inspires.

"We are passionate about food"

We make choices that best support our communities, people and planet.

"We are socially responsible"

picture of HCL catering staff

Our Services

At HCL, we redefine school catering with a broad range of services. Our mission goes beyond delivering meals; we are dedicated to creating exceptional dining experiences that cater to the diverse needs of your school community.

We take pride in accommodating diverse dietary preferences, offering choices such as gluten-free and religious and cultural options. Our inclusive approach ensures that every student enjoys a meal that suits their needs.

In addition to our menu options, our contract management team play a crucial role in supporting schools with compliance, food and health and safety with complete management of the kitchen teams. This holistic approach reflects our dedication to creating a nourishing and safe environment for customers.

Ready to discuss how HCL can cater to your unique requirement? Click the button below to book a callback and start the conversation.

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picture of HCL catering staff

We build relationships, where everyone feels valued and can add value.

"We are stronger together"


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