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Order or register for school meals.

Find out how your school currently orders your child’s daily lunchtime meal with HCL.  

We have a wide variety of fresh and healthy choices to choose from each day.  This includes baked bread, freshly prepared salad, and a choice of delicious desert.

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Sample Menus

We’re passionate about food!

Our dedicated team of catering professionals use fresh, local and seasonal ingredients to create delicious balanced meals for your children.

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Our food values

We are proud to:

Did you know we freshly prepare over 82% of meals on-site using unprocessed ingredients? This exceeds our requirements and supports our belief that children should have access to high quality food.

We offer a range of different menus to cater to children’s dietary needs. This includes gluten free, pork-free, beef-free and beef and pork-free menus. 

comply with the School Food Standards and to hold Silver Food for Life accreditation.
be committed to sourcing our food sustainably.
be committed to only buy from growers, producers and wholesalers who maintain a safe and reliable and fully-traceable supply chain.
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buy 100% British, organic Milk.
use Lion Quality Free Range Eggs.
use seasonal British vegetables.
use British Farm Assured Meat and Poultry that is Red Tractor accredited.
have local partnerships with butchers.
only use British potatoes.
ensure that all of our Fish is MSC Accredited.
serve Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurt.
proactively reduce sugar throughout our menus and hold the Sugarwise Platinum accreditation in our Primary Schools.
provide baked bread for children to enjoy with their lunchtime meal.
make sure that we avoid using GM (genetically modified) foods and specified E Numbers, colourings, preservatives, additives and allergens.