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HCL Employee Wins Salon Culinaire Award

We are thrilled to share that one of many talented employees at HCL, Lisa Miles has recently been honoured with a prestigious Gold Award at the Salon Culinaire competition within the Sugarcraft (SC4) - Decorated Celebration Cake. This marks a significant milestone in Lisa's culinary journey.

Lisa's journey to success began in 2020 when she first entered the Salon Culinaire, spurred on by the encouragement of David Gower (former HCL Executive Chef) and Kirsty Yearsley (Customer Engagement Manager), following her remarkable performance at LACA the previous year. Despite it being her debut, Lisa's talent shone brightly as she clinched the Silver Award. Determined to push her boundaries, Lisa set her sights on the Gold Award.

HCL Employee holding Gold Award with Judges
Lisa Miles wins gold for sugarcraft celebration cake

Undeterred by the challenges posed by the pandemic, Lisa continued to hone her skills and participated in the online competition, where she secured her first Gold Award. However, her aspiration to earn this accolade at the actual show remained steadfast.

Months of dedication and passion went into crafting her masterpiece, a cake that truly reflected her unique style and personality. The moment of truth arrived and to Lisa's utter delight, her cake stood adorned with the coveted Gold Award, a testament to her unwavering commitment and talent. Going head-to-head with seasoned professionals in the catering and sugarcraft industry, Lisa's victory was nothing short of extraordinary.

pixie sugarcraft celebration cake
Lisa's award-winning Pixie sugarcraft masterpiece cake

For Lisa, receiving this honour alongside seasoned experts, despite being a hobby baker, is a reflection of her passion and skills. Her achievement not only brings immense pride to HCL but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring culinary enthusiasts.

Congratulations, Lisa, on this phenomenal accomplishment! Your dedication, perseverance, and talent have truly set a shining example for all of us at HCL.


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