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Our new brand identity is revealed!

This year, we underwent a significant rebranding journey and we’re incredibly excited to share our new brand identity with our valued customers.

We are a business with a rich heritage, a business built around people; boasting a workforce of over 1620+ talented, trained and committed people in over 450+ sites. Our customers are at the core of what we do, and our valued employees are the heartbeat of our business. Our new brand identity comes at a significant time for us as a business, as this year we’re proudly celebrating our 10-year anniversary as a limited company. Like everything, change is inevitable and necessary.

The new branding embodies a surge of energy and enthusiasm for our business as we introduce our new logo which is supported by a new strap line “nourish, educate, inspire”, along with these we have also launched our new vision, mission, and values. The ethos of our business remains the same; we believe that every child should have access to healthy, nourishing meals that give them the foundations to grow, learn and achieve their potential.

Our new identity serves to best represent who we are and what we stand for, whilst also serving as a launchpad for improved communication channels with our customers through the launch of our new and improved website. A fresh visual representation of HCL will be rolling out across our primary and secondary schools, as well as our commercial sites. Additionally, communications with our schools and parents will also be reignited through the rebrand.

Head of Sales and Marketing, Patrick Lewis went on to say,

“The new branding and website are fantastic and really showcases our passion for creating healthy and delightful lunchtime experiences across our existing and new customers! I believe this truly encompasses our vision of inspiring in all our customers a lifetime love of healthy food."

We’re incredibly excited to share our new identity with you and we’d like to thank all our customers for their input and support during this process.


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